Reflexive Palimpsest Designing Curatorship of Post-war Modernism Architecture

Author: Adrian Fuhrich, HCU Hamburg

Supervisor: Paolo Fusi, HCU Hamburg

Research stage: initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


Eight theses of a ‘reflexive palimpsest’ are the beginning of a more profound reflection on the further development of the post-war modern architecture as a nowadays increasingly disappearing but still existing heritage. Probably more than other layers of building culture, this period has become a stony manifestation of a discourse that can be described as unfinished. In this sense, post-war modernism, in its discontinuity as a process, forms a fertile breeding ground for research about permanence and transiency of space and its reinterpretation in a present of recurring social upheavals.

Furthermore, its theoretical debate is nowadays well known and described but our generation as young architects are challenging with a premotion of a strongly required protection but also a need of transformation into a polyvalent future. A design driven research shall apply the architectural tools as a curation of permanent and impermanent spaces and structures.

Keywords: reflexive design, post-war modernism, spatial ressources