This event is a part of the CA²RE+ Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. It is the 6th Intensive Study Programme for Doctoral Candidates within the Strategic Partnership running 2019-2022. The project is developed as a parallel and a trigger to the continuity of the CA2RE Conferences for Artistic and Architectural REsearch.

CA²RE+ develops a collective learning environment through Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training. Design Driven Research (DDr) is taken as a multidisciplinary example of an experiential learning-through-evaluation model, appropriate for identification and promoting relevance of research singularity, its transparency and recognition, to award excellence in doctoral training for creative and culturally rooted solutions of contemporary design-driven developments. The CA²RE+ Strategic Partnership of 11 outstanding Higher Education organizations and associations from 8 EU countries is running for 3 years. Its backbone is a series of biannual international and intercultural INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMMES for doctoral candidates, guided by experienced evaluators from participating universities and invited experts. The doctoral work-in-progress of DDr candidates is evaluated by experienced evaluators through presentations, performances, exhibitions and critical discussions, following the iterative CA²RE+development steps: observation, sharing, comparison, reflection, reformulation and recommendation. To introduce new experts with lower evaluation experience into the process, JOINT STAFF TRAINING is developed at each venue.

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