Xu / Program in Architectural Design of Contemporary Art Museum

Program in Architectural Design of Contemporary Art Museum Focusing on the Contemporary Art Museum Architectures Designed in Shanghai Central Area since 2010

Author: Xin Xu, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Pierluigi Salvadeo, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Final doctoral stage

Category: Paper


After hosting the Expo 2010, there had been a spurt of growth and development of art museums in Shanghai. As a result of quantity increase, related architectural designs of contemporary art museums had also indicated a prosperous growth trend. In order to realize a sustainability in architectural design, the program in architectural design of contemporary art museum was highlighted. This research selected eight contemporary art museum architectures located in Shanghai central area built after 2010 as research cases, traced their programs backwards from the drawings of architectural plans, mapped the program design of each case and summarized the basic dispositions in program setting. Combined with possible future changes in influencing factors and taking the basis of these dispositions, a design guideline was proposed as the conclusion for future program design in contemporary art museum, allowing for multiple forms of future use and appropriation.

Keywords: Program, Architectural design, Contemporary art museum