Wiendl / Schoolyards I 
The Impact of Architecture on Child Development

Schoolyards I The Impact of Architecture on Child Development Children From 3 to 10 Years Old in Education Spaces in Portugal

Author: Valeria Wiendl, Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Supervisor: Edite Rosa, Dra., Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Research stage: Inicial Doctoral Stage

Category: Extended abstract


Based on the consensus about the lack of quality of playgrounds in Portuguese schools, and serving as a support in the vast field of research in the areas of pedagogy,social sciences, psychology and human motricity about the impact of the built outdoor environment for a broader child development, the research aims to group and organize in a single document the information from these studies about the use of the school playground-patio, in the scope of architecture-equipment-design. For this process, we will use analysis frameworks that we are still choosing.

From the reflection of existing projects, we will try to define design strategies to serve as a basis for architects in the process of qualification of the space.

Another concern is to contribute with methodological criteria to be applied by the Municipalities in the process of developing design/qualification tenders, in order to optimize constructive processes-‘manual of good practices’. Likewise, to assist in the clarification of norms regarding the occupation of outdoor.

Keywords: architecture, childhood, school grounds