Utermann / Talking House

Talking House (former: Make it Real)

Author: Hinnerk Utermann, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Supervisor: Jan Svenungsson, Univ.-Prof., University of Applied Arts Vienna

Research stage: intermediate - final doctoral stage

Category: Artefact


Talking House is a series of experimental architectural projects. This practice-based-research
uses restrictive spaces to examine proximity. At the limit of what can be considered as architecture, these spaces are designed for two people to have a conversation (usually myself
as the host, and an invited guest or interested stranger). By restricting the space to the minimum, this work emphasises the human interaction within. Every whisper, breath or gesture is enlarged, made conscious in the awareness of both participants. In contrast to the conversational space within, this Talking House (Talking House No.III) is situated in the public space of the city. In this regard, it can be considered as a spatial instrument to experience and reflect upon states of ‘being together’ from close to distant relations.

Keywords: Proximity, Experimental Architecture, Building-as-research