ter Weel / Architectural Plug-In

Architectural Plug-In Explorative Machine for the Sonic Recomposition of Space

Author: Taufan ter Weel, TU Delft

Supervisor: Roberto Cavallo, Dr. ir., TU Delft; Heidi Sohn, Dr. ir., TU Delft

Research stage: intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Artefact

DDR Statement

The transdisciplinary approach employs sound and signal processing in spatial design and site-specific installation, which enables the production of spatio-temporal manifestations in an instant but abstract way. On the one hand it helps us to understand space in terms of vibrational energy, and on the other hand it becomes possible to spatially articulate abstract relationships and operations from continuous modulations to algorithmic processes. The projects are both cartographic and projective in that they record an existing situation – through field recording or real-time processing of sounds from a given environment or its physical networks, structures, and infrastructure – and at the same time actively process, transform, and spatially redistribute these input signals. In doing so, the projects modify the given sites sonically or produce entirely new sounds or spatio-temporal relations.