Sumra / Ecologies of Residue

Ecologies of Residue Material Movement and the Thinness of Things

Authors: Asha Sumra, Aarhus School of Architecture; Arijit Chatterjee, CEPT University; Bengal Institute for Architecture

Supervisors: Thomas Bo Jensen, Aarhus School of Architecture; Carolina Dayer, Aarhus School of Architecture

Research stage: initial doctoral stage and an extension of Architectural Practice

Category: Artefact


Ecologies of Residue investigates relationships between resources and environments of two clay building products: the Mangalore tile and the Flensburg brick. Research into construction products conventionally focuses on application, with limited attention placed on the complex interactions of constructing materials. Seeking to address this gap, the project explores the role and potential of these ter­racotta industries in shaping building cultures: including the architecture of production and structures made using the resulting products. Through tracing processes of extraction, production, exchange and construction, a Design Driven Doctoral Research approach is used to critically examine the tangible and intangible residue of these industries in India and Scandanavia respectively. The Mangalore Tile and Flensburg brick are explored as parallel ecologies, with comparisons intended to draw out specificities and commonalities of making, exchange and use.

Keywords: clay, ecology of materials, terracotta production