Schmidt-Kleespies / Rule-Based Design of Prefabricated Hollow Section Plywood Wall Units

Rule-Based Design of Prefabricated Hollow Section Plywood Wall Units

Author: Felix Schmidt-Kleespies, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences; TU Kaiserslautern

Supervisor: Cristopher Robeller, Prof. Dr., Bremen City University of Applied Sciences; Alexander Stahr, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Leipzig University of Applied Sciences

Research stage: intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Paper


The subsequent project investigates to which extent panels can be spaced and simultaneously connected by means of dowels. The relationships between the position and alignment determining parameters are expressed in specific dowel formations. These were made visible and examined in relation to their appearance. The principle is particularly relevant in timber construction and can be considered in the context of Konrad Wachsmann's theories on the influence of tools and industry on contemporary architecture. One central aim of the work is to break down the standardization that characterizes timber construction in particular and that industrialization has brought about. In this context it is investigated how the new construction method contributes to reducing the material requirements of timber constructions while increasing its design range.

Keywords: rule-based design, digital fabrication, dowel-connections