Santus / Climate Change and Design Form

Climate Change and Design Form Operative Research on the Morphological Role of the Ground Level

Author: Kevin Santus, Politecnico di Milano

Supervisor: Ilaria Valente, Politecnico di Milano; Monica Lavagna, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Paper

DDR Statement

The Design-driven approach is essential to deepen the design knowledge and understanding the formal implication of climate change, specifically regarding how technical tools and strategies could impact the design practice.

The research considers multiple case study analyses not to compare them; instead, it provides the possibility of structuring a single set of cross-case conclusions. This enables a deep design and formal study to understand better the design logics that can be perceived only through a design-driven perspective. The design practice's critical inquiry consisted of direct observation, scheme drawings, images analysis, essential to structure the case study critical analysis.

Starting from the aforementioned method, research by design has been used as a practice of empirical reflection concerning the aesthetic and formal implications of using nature and reuse strategies within the project. These assumptions are then exemplified in schematic drawings that could serve as initial study regarding the morphological role of the basement in projects related to climate change. Moreover, a critical interpretation of these schemes is essential to frame the possible reformulation of the typological element of the basement.

Thus, theoretical research is conducted as a parallel critical observation of the practice, observing the alteration of the built environment regeneration, deepening the design process and results. Therefore, the Design-driven approach highlights the methodological usefulness of the procedure, in which it is considered a cognitive and investigative tool. Indeed, it shows its necessity for the architectural research that should deal, in its very essence, with the concreteness of the designed world.