Porrez / Interiorities, Embeddedness and the Dwelling

Interiorities, Embeddedness and the Dwelling

Author: Marie Porrez, KU Leuven

Research stage: Doctoral application

Category: Artefact

DDR Statement

As explained in the paper, throughout my research, the act of drawing was the ultimate tool in each stage of the investigation. Initially, the act of drawing was used to analyse and better understand the character that was being studied. Then the drawings evolved and made adjustments and reflections to the existing. This led to translations of what was already there and resulted in new insights. This process defines the true core of the research as a specific Design Driven research (DDR) approach to identify, to uncover and to lead to new insights and entities.

Throughout my research, the importance of this Design Driven research approach became evident. By strategically using hand drawings, new steps could be taken and new insights were generated repeatedly. The immersive drawing techniques that were used ((1)Annotated Drawing, (2) the Atmospheric Perspective, (3) Critical Sequential Drawing (Van Den Berghe 2021) and (4) the Perspective Section) thus led to a clear research approach and method. This proves the value of drawing as a guiding force in the thinking and research process. Through the slowness and precision of the drawing, certain elements come to the surface; while drawing, one thinks about each individual part, difficulties are exposed and space emerges and becomes tangible.

The aforementioned immersive drawing techniques hope to form a decisive and driving approach that wishes to offer the beholder the opportunity to gain insights and new perspectives.