Porrez / Interiorities, Embeddedness and the Dwelling

Interiorities, Embeddedness and the Dwelling

Author: Marie Porrez, KU Leuven

Research stage: Doctoral application

Category: Artefact


This paper elaborates on early research which is a dialogue between the theme of Drawing and the theme of Interiorities and Embeddedness in relation to Dwelling. By studying six carefully chosen characters through immersive drawing techniques, the meaning of interiority and embeddedness in architecture is critically questioned. On the one hand, an in-depth study of these characters led to the description of three Interiorities tied to Embeddedness: the interiority of dwelling, the interiority of the landscape and the interiority of memory. On the other hand, the intense drawing sessions led to a clear description of the agency and meaning of the architectural drawing within the design process, which elaborated four Drawing methods. The insights gained from thorough research of drawing and interiority and embeddedness come together in the constructed place of withdrawal or refuge as my own mental space charged by memory and the embeddedness of the landscape.

Keywords: immersive drawing techniques, interiority and embeddedness in dwelling, drawing as research driver