Merrild / Reversible Tectonics

Reversible Tectonics

Author: Heidi Sørensen Merrild, Aarhus School of Architecture

Supervisor: Thomas Bo Jensen, Aarhus School of Architecture; Anders Christian Bregnballe, Aarhus School of Architecture

Research stage: initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

Selected, revisited collections and principles from pre-modern buildings are introduced as practical tests (mock-ups) in the design process. The mock-ups must be seen as practical tests in the design process, which must investigate and develop methods and concepts for the principles of reversibility, and thus an understanding of lifespan/courses in relation to resources, tectonics and ecology.

It’s a practice-based research approach, in the Project, using Research through Design (RtD) as a method. RtD is an approach that focuses on design processes and makes it possible to explore, articulate and develop the ‘silent knowledge’ that unfolds in architectural practices (Dunin-Woyseth & Nilsson, 2012).

Selected RtD method are relevant in design and architecture because theory and concept development are tied to a material in the form of drawings, models and mock-ups. The theory incorporates the reflective forms of practice of architecture and stands outside these through critical evaluation. This project is based on a design driven research that involves materials research, development work and tectonic experiments, which are used to investigate how material properties, tectonics, detailing can qualify a reversible archi (tectonic) discourse.