Merrild / Reversible Tectonics

Reversible Tectonics Learnings From the Past

Author: Heidi Sørensen Merrild, Aarhus School of Architecture

Supervisor: Thomas Bo Jensen, Aarhus School of Architecture; Anders Christian Bregnballe, Aarhus School of Architecture

Research stage: initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


This research project examines the definition – and hopes to provide a deeper understanding – of “reversible tectonics” as a sustainable driver in architecture by exploring an acute selection of a premodern building tectonics and reflects upon its possible design translations. Aiming at a new expression in architecture based on reversible solutions and a circular use of traditional materials adapted to the reality of today’s construction techniques. Reversibility, durability and functionality defining the cohesive, tacit language of premodern buildings. Reversibility as the capacity to imagine materials, elements and components within a larger cyclical perspective of architecture, whether endless reuse or natural degradation.

Keywords: tectonics, circularity, carbon balance