Fuhrich / Reflexive palimpsest

Reflexive palimpsest Designing curatorship of post-war modernism architecture

Author: Adrian Fuhrich, HCU Hamburg

Research stage: initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

The mentioned demands for a greater reflection on the universal project of post-war modernism have been set out and are well known in the theoretical context and debate. But for the transformation into the public discourse there is often a lack of visions and images that oppose the established preconceptions and thought patterns. One aim of this work is to give new images to the dialogue between the architectures of post-war modernism and the visions of resilient architectural systems and spaces, which preserves the existing buildings and their conceptual content and character but transforms them into a future. To this end, the work is divided into phases. After a general reflection about the post-war modernism as a project and process there will be an investigation of office and administrative buildings of large cities in Germany and the West European context. A systematical and polythematical survey of three selected exemplary study cases will be the foundation for the following design process.

The design phase is divided into different stages and tools which simulates different scenarios of usage, adoption and transformation. In that consequence every study case generates different building designs for the same structure. This simultaneity has the objective of an overlapping summarizing final model which includes different layers of programmatic, structure, space, layers of time and its engravings, appropriation and its perception.