da Silva Antunes / Tapadas (Royal Forests and Hunting Reserves) of Portuguese Royal Palaces

Tapadas (Royal Forests and Hunting Reserves) of Portuguese Royal Palaces Resilience Spaces. For a Spatial and Architectural Requalification

Author: Ana Catarina da Silva Antunes, Universidade de Èvora

Supervisor: Altino João Serra de Magalhães Rocha, Universidade de Èvora; Sofia Salema, Universidade de Èvora; Maria da Conceição Marques Freire, Universidade de Èvora

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract

DDR Statement

This research, apart from all of the history and territorial analyses that characterize the site, intends to use programs and design speculation as a methodology to discover new uses for these spectant spaces.

I’m trying to understand the existing Tapadas through space syntaxes incorporating the design of different programs at different sites in order to speculate what they could become.

Each different site is being currently studied in terms of its main elements of composition and its morphology. A set of different typologies of programs will be defined as an answer to the current needs of the communities. Each typology of program will be the base for the design of each site independently, thus resulting in multiple preliminary studies that will be validated by their community and by a technical group of experts.

The program includes: rethinking the uses of the main buildings and also speculate events or artistic installations that could happen on the Tapada, not forgetting that new intentions of edification could be considered.

The optimum program will be the one that responds best to each site morphology and its design is seen by all evaluators as the most appropriate.

Conclusions will be draft from the experience of designing and will reflect the relevance of Design Driven Research approach, methodologies, techniques and tools employed in my research project.

Since the main topic of the conference is RECOMMENDATION, it challenges me to reflect on how my conclusions could also be used as recommendations for potential actor in these territories.