da Silva Antunes / Tapadas (Royal Forests and Hunting Reserves) of Portuguese Royal Palaces

Tapadas (Royal Forests and Hunting Reserves) of Portuguese Royal Palaces Resilience Spaces. For a Spatial and Architectural Requalification

Author: Ana Catarina da Silva Antunes, Universidade de Èvora

Supervisor: Altino João Serra de Magalhães Rocha, Universidade de Èvora; Sofia Salema, Universidade de Èvora; Maria da Conceição Marques Freire, Universidade de Èvora

Research stage: Initial doctoral stage

Category: Extended abstract


The scope of the research focuses on a critical and speculative reflection of the monumental, cultural, architectural and landscape set of the Tapadas (Royal forest and hunting reserves) of Portuguese Royal Palaces, in Portugal.

The object of study are the monumental sets that were royal residences, which have Tapadas (Royal Forests and hunting Reserves), such like Mafra, Ajuda, Necessidades, Queluz and Vila Viçosa.

These sets have played and continue to play a fundamental role in society, at the historical-cultural, ecological and social levels.

Developing itself in the interdisciplinary fields of architecture, approaching complementary areas such as heritage and landscape, this research will enable a reflection about how to empower these sites, in order to stimulate our society reflection about adaptative reuse or even landscape design integrating climate action, and although how an artistic intervention in historical landscapes like these, could mean a positive discourse around public realm.

Keywords: Architecture, Heritage, Landscape