Croce / Time-capsule Transcripts

Time-capsule Transcripts An Experimental Taxonomy of Forms as a Vehicle for a Design Operation

Authors: Gianluca Croce, University of Trieste; Mariacristina D'Oria, University of Trieste

Supervisors: Giovanni Corbellini, Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Research stage: Collective research developed within the Ph.D. career

Category: Artefact

DDR Statement

The research on the formal characteristics of architectural objects and technological devices of the most disparate, but associable for their function of “time-capsules,” is itself an application of the DDR method: as the exact operation of critical reading, evaluation, redesign, and synthesis of the examined objects allows to trace a taxonomy of elements that constitute a formal critical archive through which to formulate the project of a new time-capsule that is fed by the analytical and critical approach thus conducted. Therefore, the idea of formulating a time-capsule with an architectural meaning intends to start from the awareness that modern time capsules do not include in a relevant way or do not fully include architecture. In this sense, designing an architectural version means

re-establishing the aspiration to transmit such an essential message in significant, symbolic, monumental terms. The complexity and ambition of this operation require an experimental design approach involving the formal repertoire of an architectural time-capsule that will result from a compositional process that will involve both the external configuration of the proposed examples and the internal one and their relationship with the ground. The assembly, manipulation, hybridization of examples intended as archetypes will be the operations that will give rise to the project due to actions ranging from ready-made to cadavre exquis.