Croce / Time-capsule Transcripts

Time-capsule Transcripts An Experimental Taxonomy of Forms as a Vehicle for a Design Operation

Authors: Gianluca Croce, University of Trieste; Mariacristina D'Oria, University of Trieste

Supervisors: Giovanni Corbellini, Professor, Politecnico di Torino

Research stage: Collective research developed within the PhD career

Category: Artefact


The perception of a contemporary era dominated by the looming threat of one or more catastrophes brings out the awareness of the need to preserve our existence traces, away from their probable disappearance and the possibility of their space-time transmission. Our research aims to investigate the concept of “time-capsule” in its most disparate forms, highlighting how, in its principles of protection, conservation, and communication and its spatial configurations, there are relationships of continuity and contiguity only apparently random. The purpose of establishing a genealogy of the formal relationships between different objects – such as an Etruscan tomb or a bunker from World War II – is to demonstrate how the diverse functional needs end up coinciding in the recurring use of some primary forms, sometimes even as a result of their assemblage.

Keywords: Time-capsule, taxonomy, futurarcheology