Chinellato / Double Feature:

Double Feature: A Design-driven Inquiry into the Counter-practices of World City Monumentality

Authors: Enrico Chinellato, Designer & Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna; Or Haklai, Designer & MA Cultural Studies Student, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Supervisors: Giovanni Leoni, University of Bologna; Andrea Borsari, University of Bologna; Dani Schrire, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research stage: initial doctoral stage; practice-based research

Category: Extended abstract


This contribution will discuss the counter-practices of monumentality in the context of the so-called world city. As part of our ongoing practice-based research on the current role of monuments and memory-work, the study employs a design-driven approach to the inquiry of the topic at hand by presenting a fictive site-specific temporary intervention in the city of Tel Aviv as case study, called “Double Feature” (2020).

Keywords: monuments, world city, counter-practice