Bačun / Cinematic Space as Constructed Memory

Cinematic Space as Constructed Memory in the Essay Film Bonding Humanity (Perhaps Manifesto)

Author: Nina Bačun, University of Zagreb

Supervisor: Mia Roth-Čerina, University of Zagreb

Research stage: Intermediate doctoral stage

Category: Artefact


'Spatial narratives in film' research relies on the perceived potential of the ‘instrumental role of cinematic architectural space,' its impact on the narration of film, and its influence on real architecture and urbanism. In other words cinematic spaces are not passive, they tell us stories with spatial manipulation, sometimes contrary to the usual understanding of architecture. The relationship(s) between architecture and film are seen as tools for critical exploration of architecture. Certain montage practices became a fundamental instrument for understanding modern space and architecture in the twentieth century, thus the word ‘montage’ has been examined and used both as moving image practice and spatial practice. Previous research has offered insufficient attention, especially since consequences of the links between architecture and cinema might be seen in architecture that is extensive and imaginative, as well as lead to novel readings of architectural space.

Keywords: Architectural montage, cinematic space, spatial narratives